Random Fact Sheet #305 – Inconceivable Wonders: 30 Unbelievable Random Facts

26Camille Jenatzy

Camille Jenatzy

The first road vehicle to go over 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph) was a Belgian electric vehicle. Camille Jenatzy accomplished this feat in a car he designed himself, "La Jamais contente" (Never Satisfied), set a road speed record of 105.88 km/h on 29 April 1899, in Achères.

27. The Chinese town of Qiaotou has been nicknamed the “button capital of the world.” Around 60% of the world’s supply of clothing buttons is produced there, as well as 80% of the world’s zippers.

28. Burger King discontinued its Halloween Whopper that had a black dyed bun after customers started reporting that their poop was turning green after eating it.

29. The “singing” Colossi of Memnon are two large statues of Pharoah Amenhotep III that have been described throughout history to be making low moaning, whistling, or blowing noises due to vaporizing dew escaping from cracks within the statues.

30. King’s Hawaiian Bread was founded by an Okinawan immigrant to Hawaii who based it on the sweet bread that fellow sugar plantation workers from Portugal made and is no longer made in Hawaii but comes from Torrance in Los Angeles