Eccentric Heroes and Villains: 45 Bizarre Comic Characters from Marvel and DC



There is a DC superhero named Dogwelder who maims evil-doers by welding dead dogs to their faces.

2. There is a Marvel Comics character called 'Butterball' who started as an overweight fry cook in North Carolina and then entered a superhero training program. Despite having complete invulnerability to all forms of harm, and an enthusiastic attitude, he had so little strength, skill, and wits that he flunked out.

3. Turner D. Century was a marvel villain who was motivated by a hatred of post-World War 1 social changes. His gadgets include a flame-throwing umbrella, a flying tandem bicycle, and a "time horn" that induces unconsciousness in those under the age of 65. He was killed after only three appearances.

4. There is a DC Comics superhero who is a parody of Popeye. Captain Strong is an exceptionally strong sailor who gains super-strength by eating a mysterious seaweed.

5. Marvel had a female superhero called Big Bertha whose powers included becoming really fat and vomiting to lose weight.

6Karate Kid

Karate Kid

There is a superhero in the DC Universe named Karate Kid. When Columbia Pictures made "The Karate Kid" in 1984, they got DC's permission to use the name.

7. There is one character owned by both Marvel and DC, named Access, whose sole purpose is to try to keep both companies' universes separate.

8. In 1993, there was a DC villain named 'Codpiece,' who had a multi-tool weapon attached to his groin.

9. There is a Marvel character who injected himself with a mix of Super-Soldier serum and LSD and is now known as Dr. Mindbubbles.

10. There is a Marvel supervillain named 'Armless Tiger Man' who lost both his arms in an accident at a mechanical lab and learned how to use his teeth and feet as hands. He sought to destroy machines to get revenge for the loss of his arms.

11The Gay Ghost

The Gay Ghost

There was a DC Superhero named, "The Gay Ghost." He was later renamed, "The GRIM Ghost." His superpower was being an expert swordsman.

12. There is a DC superhero called 'Matter-Eater Lad', whose one and only superpower is that he can eat anything.

13. Comet is a DC character who is a three-fingered, gender-bending, bisexual, a shapeshifting centaur with the ability to make people fall in love like cupid, and is a former love interest of Supergirl.

14. Ultraman is an evil alternate version of Superman who snorts Kryptonite to gain his superpowers.

15. There is a DC superhero named 'Uncle Sam' whose strength correlates directly with the faith and ideals of America.



There is a DC superhero called the 'Defenestrator.' He has no superpowers but carries around a glass window that he shoves criminals through.

17. Marvel had a superhero called 'Zeitgeist' whose superpower was to puke acid. He found out he had this ability when he once puked on the face of his lover while making sex.

18. Marcus is a marvel comics character that is a werewolf centaur fused with an alien. His weakness is literally diabetes.

19. There exists in the DC universe a superheroine named the 'Mother of Champions' that has the power to quickly birth short-lived super babies, and she has no need for food, just men.

20. DC comics has a supervillain named 'Captain Nazi', whose powers include super strength, speed, stamina, and the ability to fly by breathing a "special flying gas."



There is a marvel superhero called the 'Gardener' who is literally just an epic gardener.

22. There is a DC superhero named 'The Atom' who has the ability to shrink in size. He made his comic debut three months before the debut of Ant-Man.

23. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy (Floyd Belkin) is a DC superhero whose sole power is being able to remove his limbs to bludgeon people.

24. Bueno Excellente is a DC superhero who fights evil with the power of perversion.

25. The marvel character "Hatemonger" is a clone of Adolf Hitler who uses a "Hate-ray" as his primary weapon.

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