Random Fact Sheet #307 – Unlocking the Unthinkable: 30 Unbelievable Random Facts



In Buddhist fables, Kṣitigarbha is a monk who vowed to refuse paradise until he had helped every single living being achieve enlightenment, even if the task lasted unto eternity.

27. The Canadian Rangers are a 5,000 strong wing of the Canadian military reserves made up mostly of First Nation personnel. They provide a military presence in the most remote Canadian regions, act as guides and scouts for the Army, and until 2018 were still issued World War 2 vintage rifles.

28. The McRib is made using a process invented by the US Army to create low-cost meat for soldiers.

29. Former professional gridiron players Joe Theismann and Alex Smith both suffered gruesome injuries to their right leg. The injuries occurred on the same date 33 years apart, on the same team, in the same city and on nearly identical parts of the field. The final score of both games was 23-21.

30. Ernie Shore took over in the first inning of a game Babe Ruth started. Ruth walked a batter, argued with the umpire, got ejected, and then punched the umpire. Shore picked off the runner, then retired the remaining 26 batters he faced in a row.