Good riddles with answers

Q: Why did the ghost cry?

A: He had a booboo

Q: What animal would be the best at playing video games?

A: An octopus

Q: What does a troll call his apartment?

A: Gnome sweet gnome

Q: What does a skunk do when it gets angry?

A: It raises a stink

Q: What do you call it when you walk into a spider web?

A: Free karate lesson

Q: What is made of water if you put it in water it will die?

A: Salt

Q: What do you call a witch that lives on the beach?

A: Sandwitch

Q: Why did the spider got a job in it?

A: Because he was a great web designer

Q: What is the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer?

A: The taste

Q: What does a fish say when it runs into a concrete wall?

A: Dam!

Q: What does a turkey do when it fly's upside down?

A: It gobbles up

Q: What was the pilgrim favourite type of music?

A: Plymouth rock

Q: What do vegetarian zombies eat?

A: Graaaaaaain..........