Riddles and answers Part 46

Q: When was the latest year that is the same upside down?

A: 1961

Q: A half is a third of it. What is it?

A: One and a half

Q: At night they come without being fetched and by day they are lost without being stolen?

A: Stars

Q: I know a word of three letters add two and there will be fewer?

A: The word 'few' add 'er' and it becomes 'fewer'

Q: What tree is most warmly clad?

A: A fir tree

Q: Little trolly Hetty coat in a long petticoat and a red nose the longer she stands, the shorter she grows?

A: A candle

Q: A beggar's brother died but the men who died had no brother. How could that be?

A: The beggar was his sister

Q: Open me and you can't see without a mirror. Close me and you can't see me at all. What am I?

A: Eyes

Q: What can be touched but can't be seen?

A: Someone's heart

Q: Bright as a diamond, loud as a thunder, never still, a thing of wonder. What am I?

A: A waterfall