The Test

The President of the USA decides to run an exercise to test the effectiveness of the CIA,

the FBI and the LAPD with a simple task – a bunny rabbit will be let loose in a designated forest and he will send in one agency at a time to see who can catch the bunny and claim bragging rights.

The CIA goes in first. They set up surveillance and listening posts all over the place. 

The CIA after a two month operation concludes there is no bunny. The President is unimpressed.

Next is the FBI’s turn. 

After 7 days they burn the forest to the ground and announce they got the bunny. The President is angry and says “This is not good”.
Finally he sends in the LAPD. 

The LAPD charge in with their guns and batons at the ready. “Finally” the President thinks “We will get some results”. 

After 12 hours the LAPD officers march out triumphantly dragging with them a very badly beaten bear that they push to the ground in front of the President.

“Okay okay” the bear says as he shakes with fear “I confess I am a rabbit”