Postcard From The Mistress

A wealthy man was having an affair with a gorgeous Italian woman for several years. Although the relationship was hush-hush at home, things hit the fan really hard when cuddle time turned into a nightmare.

The mistress confided in her lover; told him that she was pregnant and the bun in the oven is his. For a working man with a family, his love life was now a ticking time-bomb attached to his chest.

Afraid to jeopardize his reputation and his marriage, he proposed that she fly back to Italy to have the child and he would send her child support until he/she turned 18. All expenses paid, and then some of course.

Talk about a foolproof plan.

When deciding what she would use to let him know of the delivery, they came down to a conclusion of sending a postcard from Italy with nothing else but the word ‘Spaghetti’ on it.

All was said and done. His life was good for 9 months and then, the postcard arrived. His wife exclaimed that they had received a strange postcard, almost like a delivery order.

The husband told her to hand the postcard over and he would explain everything when the time was right.

Being the trusting wife she was, she obliged and handed him the postcard. After reading the postcard, his face turned pale as if he’d seen a ghost and he fainted.

The postcard read, “Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti. Two with meatballs and one without. Send extra sauce.”