Random Fact Sheet #310 – Randomly Awesome: 30 Facts That Will Leave You Speechless


26Peter's Army Officers

Peter's Army Officers

After Peter the Great mandated that all officers in his army must have started their career as privates, noble families began to register newborn boys as privates. First reporting for service at the age of 15, the boys were then promoted through seniority to junior lieutenant or equivalent rank.

27. Many public libraries in the US participate in Inter Library Loan (ILL). That means you have access to virtually any book, journal, magazine, or DVD held by any public library in the country.

28. In 1981, the US Post Office issued an anti-alcohol stamp that said “Alcoholism: You can beat it!” Though well-intentioned, it was a huge flop mainly because it could look like the sender was sending a specific message to the recipient.

29. The man who invented the modern theory about oxygen and combustion, Antoine Lavoisier, was guillotined in 1794 during the French Revolution.

30. The white rind of a watermelon, between the pink flesh and green skin, is loaded with nutrients and just as healthy as the commonly eaten pink flesh.