43 Funky Random Facts You’ll Be Floored to Know – Part 35


26Shenzhen city

Shenzhen city

In 1980, Shenzhen in China had a population of 30,000. In 2017, that had sex-centupled to nearly 20,000,000. It is believed to be the fastest growing city in human history.

27. Pregnant women in Auschwitz were told they would receive double portions of food but were sent to gas chambers instead.

28. Living in an area where you can see the ocean has been found to reduce psychological stress, even after controlling for factors such as income and neighborhood status.

29. The USA throws away the equivalent of 125 school buses full of plastic drinking straws on a daily basis.

30. When the Titanic sunk, the official investigation declared that it went down in one piece, despite the reports of survivors that they witnessed the breakup. Only in 1985 when the wreck was discovered were the survivors stories finally confirmed.



The process of seppuku, suicide by disemboweling to preserve honor, eventually became so ritualized that the abdominal cut was not even needed. The samurai merely reached for a fan instead of a knife, and doing so signaled the merciful beheading strike by the samurai's assistant.

32. In the 1930's Benny Goodman, American jazz clarinetist, and bandleader hired prominent black musicians to play and tour with his band. This meant being banned touring in the South for breaking anti-segregation laws.

33. In 2003, Lockheed Martin accidentally dropped a NASA satellite while turning it sideways, causing $135M in damages.

34. Pioneering shock rocker Alice Cooper credits golf with helping him overcome alcohol addiction and plays the game up to 6 days a week.

35. There are 558,000 USA World War 2 veterans still alive today.

36Maladaptive daydreaming

Maladaptive daydreaming

Maladaptive daydreaming is a disorder which causes someone to daydream for hours on end, and create elaborate fantasies comparable to an entire novel or movie.

37. The practice of selling one's kidney for profit in Iran is legal and regulated by the government. It is estimated that 1,400 Iranians sell one of their kidneys annually. Iran is the only country in the world that allows this and has neither a waiting list nor a shortage of available organs.

38. Donald Duck has a sister named Della Duck, the mother of his triplet nephews. She is currently traveling through space as an astronaut.

39. Schiphol Airport sends Heathrow a cake when a delay in its expansion occurs as a thank you for helping their own airport increase numbers.

40. The Amish community attacked during the West Nickel Mines School massacre was quick to forgive. They consoled the shooter's father and widow, as well as set a charitable fund for his children.

41Pingelap people

Pingelap people

1 in 10 inhabitants on the island of Pingelap is color blind due to a 'population bottleneck' in 1775 after a catastrophic typhoon swept through the remote island, leaving only 20 survivors. One of the survivors was King Nanmwarki Mwanenihsed, patient 0 with the rare Achromatopsia gene.

42. Democritus supposed the existence of atoms and the empty space between them in 400 B.C.

43. According to a poll by the "Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy", 7% of American adults think chocolate milk comes from brown cows.