30 Absolutely Crazy Facts About Ancient Greeks and Greece




A few thousand years before Plato described Atlantis there really was a big island which disappeared in the middle of the North Sea.

27. The word "panic" comes from the Greek woodland God Pan who was believed to be the source of mysterious forest sounds that would cause contagious, groundless fear in animals and humans alike.

28. There is a Greek man named Vassilis Palaikostas also known as "Robin of the Poor" who stole money from the rich, gave it to the poor and has escaped from the same high-security prison twice.

29. Ancient Greeks built a 7-mile wall from Athens to the port of Piraeus to guarantee safe passage to the sea.

30. In Greek Mythology, the God 'Phosphorus' represented the planet Venus, or the 'Morning Star', as the Bringer of Light. The Latin translation of Phosphorus is Lucifer.