32 Nautical Facts About Ships Great For Friendly Icebreaker


26Container ships

Container ships

Anyone can travel in the huge container ships around the world as passengers for about $120 a day. Trips may last just a few days, although some travelers sign on for 60 days or even around-the-world journeys. Meals are provided, rooms are cleaned once a week and passengers do their own laundry.

27. There is a cruise ship named MS Gabriella that runs between Stockholm and Helsinki with the primary purpose of purchasing and consuming cheap alcohol.

28. The US Navy maintains a research vessel named FLIP (Floating Instrument Platform) that is designed to be capsized vertically. As a result, most rooms on it have two doors: one to use when the ship is horizontal, another when vertical.

29. As the Titanic sank, someone, unlocked the kennels holding all the passengers' pet dogs, "leading to the surreal sight of a pack of excited dogs racing up and down the slanting deck as the ship went down."

30. HMS Erebus, part of Franklin expedition which was lost for nearly 170 years was found in 2014 near an island which in the Inuit language meant “The big boat sank here.”

31HMS Jervis

HMS Jervis

HMS Jervis, a destroyer which served in the Royal Navy during World War 2, did not lose a single crew member to enemy action despite having participated in 13 major actions and serving throughout the war.

32. When British warships enter the Thames they are required to present a barrel of rum to the Constable of the Tower (the man in command of the Tower of London) in the 'Ceremony of the Constables Dues'.