30 Completely Random Facts About Everything You Never Even Thought About – Part 240

26Beer cans

Beer cans

Beer cans used to be 40% thicker and way stronger, which is why we see people crushing beer cans as a display of strength in older movies

27. In 1969, Woodstock ran out of food after its first day and relied upon donations from the largely conservative residents of Sullivan County, New York to feed 400,000 hungry hippies.

28. Disney uses code names in the park. Rude visitors are called 'Treasured Guests.' Vomit is called 'Protein Spill.' Kids peeing in the pool is called 'Code Winnie.' Illegally spreading ashes is called 'White Powder Alert.'

29. A 9-foot alligator clamped onto the leg of a 10-year-old Florida girl named Juliana Ossa. She thought of a plan she had learned in "Gatorland" where she saw a guy wrestle a gator with its mouth taped. The situation was reversed, so Juliana stuck her fingers up the gator's nose, and it released her leg.

30. Scientists attached stilts to the legs of ants to prove that they return to their nests by counting their steps. The regular ants walked right to the nest and went inside. The ants on stilts walked right past the nest and got lost. This was because of the change in the length of the legs.