We Had So Much Fun

I’m a physicist. It’s 3 AM. A woman paces angrily in her house waiting for her physicist husband to come home. Finally he does. 

As he walks through the door she glares and demands “where have you been!?” Sheepishly, the physicist husband tries to explain himself. He says, “well my colleagues and I went out just for a friendly drink. 

A group of women invited us to join them, so we did. We drank and had fun talking and it got a little flirty. I got swept up in the moment and one thing led to another. I ended up making out with one of the women we met.”

His wife listens impatiently, arms crossed, furiously tapping her foot the whole time. When he finishes, she blurts out “Liar! LIAR! You were in the lab again weren’t you!”