TV Trivia: 30 Incredible Facts About Popular TV Shows 2



There was a crossover episode of Cops and the X-files called X-cops. It started off as a normal episode of Cops and then things got weird.

27. Cartoon Network banned an episode of Cow and Chicken called "Buffalo Gals" which allegedly implied lesbian stereotypes including the Gals being mistaken for men and the line "Oh! the Buffalo Gals, a motorcycle riding gang that randomly breaks into people's homes and chews on their carpets."

28. Season Two of "24" featured a terrorist plot that originated from a London mosque. A few months after the season ended, authorities raided the mosque and found that it was indeed a terrorist hub.

29. Blue's Clues was one of the first shows to use software like Media 100, Photoshop and After Effects to do their animation, and were able to produce episodes four times faster than traditional methods, as a result, surprising even Adobe themselves.

30. The third season DVDs of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" were made but mysteriously never distributed. The creators think they are in a warehouse: "It's recorded, we did commentary tracks with a bunch of the cast, there's all these special extras on it. They pressed them, we saw it. Nothing."