Three sister

Three sister die in a car crash. All three sisters make it up to heaven where they are greeted by God himself. God opens the pearly gates to reveal ducks everywhere

God says “Welcome to heaven, there is only one rule here. The only thing you can not do is step on any of the ducks so you must always watch your step.”

The sisters are very cautious throughout their first days there, however the oldest sister accidentally steps on a duck. God then came waking up with this ugly man and handcuffed the man to the oldest sister. 

God said “As a punishment for stepping on A duck you will have to spend the rest of eternity with this man.” The other sisters knowing the punishment take extra caution over the next couple of days. 

Unfortunately the middle sister could not avoid it anymore and accidentally stepped on a duck. Again god walked up and handcuffed a hideous man to the middle sister for eternity. 

The youngest sister made sure to always watch her step and after about a month or so god came walking up to her with an attractive young man and handcuffed them together. 

God then stared to walk away when the youngest sister stoped him and said “ But god, I did not step on a duck” To which god replied “Yes, but he did”