Rivers of Wonder: 35 Unveiling the Beauty and Mystery of Waterways 2

26Batman River

Batman River

The Western Asian Tigris River has a major tributary called the Batman River which flows through Turkey.

27. Despite being the 20th longest river in the world, the Yukon River in North America only has 4 vehicle-carrying bridges spanning it (as of July 2022).

28. There is an 'Underwater River' that flows along the seabed of the Black Sea.

29. The Amazon and Congo rivers were likely a single river before the continental plates of Africa and South America drifted apart. It would have been around 6000 miles or 10,000 km long.

30. River deltas are named so after the Nile River's delta which resembles the uppercase Greek letter Delta.

31The Nile River

The Nile River

The Nile River (6,853 km) is half as long as the Earth's Diameter (12,742 km).

32. The pharaohs attempted and eventually succeeded in digging a canal that stretched between the Nile River and the Red Sea. The ‘Canal of the Pharaohs’ was constructed in 1897 B.C. and it was used until being closed for good in 767 A.D.

33. There is more water in the vapor and clouds above the Amazon rainforest than there is in the Amazon river.

34. Full moon causes a tidal wave to roll up the Amazon River twice a day over a period of three weeks every year, resulting in a continuous, 4 meter high tidal wave that can be surfed for up to 13 km.

35. There is a massive "underground river," or aquifer that runs about 4 kilometers below the Amazon river for 6000 kilometers, following roughly the Amazon river's flow. It eventually empties into the Atlantic Ocean deep below the surface. It was only discovered in 2011.