Riddles and answers

Q: Why is Russia such a vast country?

A: Because the people are always Russian

Q: Why did king Arthur have a round table?

A: So no one could corner him

Q: Why was the chicken forbidden from sending e-mails?

A: Because it kept using fowl language

Q: How do you make a hamburger smile?

A: Pickle it gently

Q: Where do burgers like to dance?

A: At a meatball

Q: What did one slug say to the other slug?

A: I'll get you next slime

Q: Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

A: It felt crummy

Q: What did the balloon say to the pin?

A: Hi, buster

Q: How did the beaver get online?

A: He logged on

Q: What let's you walk through walls?

A: Doors