Random Facts Sheet #362 – Trusted Trivia: 35 Credible Facts To Add to Your Knowledge Bank 2

26Stolen Bill of Rights Sting

Stolen Bill of Rights Sting

Following the Civil War, a Union soldier stole North Carolina's copy of the U.S. Bill of Rights from the State Capitol, but the U.S. Marshals were able to recover it in 2003 through a sting operation.

27. The Caral-Supe civilization in Peru was constructing massive pyramidal temples at the same time the first step pyramids of Egypt were being built. Moreover, Caral-Supe was the most densely populated area in the world during the third millennium B.C.

28. Elephants were used as executioners in some ancient cultures. For example, in India, rogue elephants were occasionally trained to execute criminals by crushing them with their immense weight.

29. In Eastern Canada, the year 1923 is known as "The Year of Free Beef." This designation arose from the Maritimes' transition from driving on the left to the right-hand side of the road. Since oxen could not be retrained to walk on the right side, they were sent to slaughter, resulting in a significant decline in beef prices.

30. Prince Rupert, a general in the English Civil War, always had a large white poodle named "Boy" by his side. Rupert's enemies spread rumors that Boy possessed sinister magical powers. The poodle gained worldwide fame and eventually met his demise in battle.

31Earth's Solid Mantle and Plate Tectonics

Earth's Solid Mantle and Plate Tectonics

The vast majority of the Earth's mantle is composed of solid rock, not magma, due to the extreme pressures present. The viscosity of this rock is comparable to that of normal glass at room temperature, which explains why plate tectonics move at speeds measured in centimeters per year.

32. Not all rainbows display every color. Rainbows that form at sunrise or sunset can appear monochrome, with only shades of red visible.

33. The bonnacon is a mythical medieval creature that was said to defend itself by emitting explosive bowel movements.

34. A study conducted in 2008 found that playing loud music in bars increases alcohol consumption because it reduces conversation and encourages greater drinking.

35. Jochen Rindt, from Austria, is the only Formula One driver to win the World Drivers' Championship posthumously. He tragically lost his life during practice for the 1970 Italian GP. However, Rindt had already earned enough points that no other driver could surpass his total by the end of the season.