Random Facts Sheet #360 – Delving into the Obscure: 30 Surprising Facts That Will Make You Think 2

26Canadian Geese Defecation Rate

Canadian Geese Defecation Rate

Canadian geese defecate approximately once every 12 minutes.

27. The 4 or 5-digit code printed on the sticker attached to your produce is universally used, meaning that almost everywhere you buy bananas, they will be labeled with the code 4011. These labeling standards were established by an international coalition of companies.

28. Clowns have a long history that dates back to 2400 B.C., and historically, the same people have frequently played the roles of priests and clowns.

29. Growing corn plants release thousands of gallons of water into the air every day through a process called transpiration. This substantial release of water can influence humidity levels and even impact the weather in the corn belt.

30. The acceptance of Earth's plate tectonics as a widely recognized scientific theory occurred as recently as 1967, marking a significant transition in modern scientific culture and knowledge exchange.