Random Fact Sheet #347 – Fact Check: 35 Unexpected Random Facts That Will Make You Say ‘Wow!’ 2

26World's Hottest Recorded Temperature

World's Hottest Recorded Temperature

In 2012, the World Meteorological Organization concluded that the all-time heat record held for exactly 90 years by El Azizia in Libya was invalid because the temperature was recorded over asphalt by an inexperienced observer. Since then Death Valley National Park in California holds the title of the world's hottest place.

27. Onna-Musha were Japanese female noble warriors who fought alongside Samurai men. Dozens of famous female warriors are known by this name, many of whom led their own units or even armies. Battlefield excavations have shown that in some battles in the 16th century as many as 30% of the combatants were likely women.

28. The modern Portuguese state was created through the 'Carnation Revolution.' It was a bloodless coup d'etat which took place in 1974 and it was all coordinated in sync with a radio broadcast of Portugal's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.

29. Between 2018 and 2021, FBI in collaboration with the intelligence agencies of other countries set up a fake "secure" messaging app to monitor criminal communication which led to multiple arrests globally.

30. The earliest known reference to French toast dates back to the 1st century C.E. in a Latin collection of recipes.

31Miss Macao Hijacking

Miss Macao Hijacking

In 1948, Cathay Pacific's Miss Macao seaplane became the first commercial airliner to be hijacked. The lead hijacker, who aimed to rob the wealthy passengers on the plane was unsuccessful, causing the plane to crash, and killing everyone on board but the hijacker. The hijacker survived by jumping out of the emergency exit right before impact.

32. A man named 'Thomas Thompson,' once mistook a dead sailor from the SS James Carruthers as his son, organized a funeral, and then yelled at his son for showing up alive at his own wake.

33. Some lizards do push-ups as a part of their mating rituals (notably the western fence lizard). Because of this, the Mexican Spanish word for lizard, Lagartijas, also means push-ups.

34. In 1536, Panna Dai, a nursemaid of the Heir of Mewar, sacrificed her son to save the Heir's life. She made her son sleep on the Heir's bed and covered him so that the assassin would think that he assassinated the Heir. It worked.

35. The Flag of Malta features the George Cross because it was awarded to Malta by King George VI in 1942.