Random Fact Sheet #338 – Knowledge Nuggets: 30 Engaging Random Facts 2

26Harvard Sentences

Harvard Sentences

Harvard sentences are 720 sample sentences, in sets of 10, which are phonetically balanced and used for testing phone and voice-to-text systems.

27. The Shunganunga boulder is a 23-ton red quartzite rock, which was moved by glaciers from the Dakotas to Kansas hundreds of thousands of years ago. The boulder is sacred to the Kanza tribe (expelled from the state named after them) and the word Shunganunga translates to "Big Red Rock" in their language.

28. Bees come in colors other than yellow. There are green, blue, and gray varieties that also exist, such as the Green Orchid bee, the Blue Calamintha bee, and the Ashy Mining bee.

29. The state of Florida has a Python Elimination Program where they pay by length for individuals to hunt pythons.

30. One of the original titles considered for the first Fast & Furious movie was "Race Wars."