Random Fact Sheet #335 – Fact Blitz: 30 Intriguing Facts to Impress Your Friends 2

26Vatican City Botanical Garden

Vatican City Botanical Garden

Pope Nicholas III Orsini created a botanical garden in Vatican City that has been maintained for over 700 years.

27. Daniel Lambert (1770-1809), who was the heaviest recorded person during his time, once fought a bear on the streets of Leicester and only gave up horseback hunting when his weight exceeded 560 pounds. He weighed 700 lb (320 kg) at his heaviest. While others have since overtaken his record as the heaviest person in history, he remains a popular character in Leicester,

28. The Moon emits a constant tail of sodium. When small meteorites hit the surface of the moon, the sodium from the dust that is emitted is picked up by the solar wind and blown away in a specific direction.

29. The construction of Washington Monument was halted a few times for a few different reasons, including the civil war. This moment in history is still visible today by the different shading of marble used in the actual build.

30. Bohemian waxwing is a species of bird which can eat huge amounts of berries, sometimes more than double its own weight. Their large liver helps in converting sugar to energy. The fermentation of those sugary fruits however produces a lot of ethanol which they can metabolize more efficiently than humans, but they still might become intoxicated, sometimes fatally.