Random Fact Sheet #167 – 35 Facts That Will Captivate Your Mind 2

262nd Earl of Grey

2nd Earl of Grey

While the 2nd Earl of Grey abolished slavery and reformed child labor laws in England during his political leadership, he will be most famously remembered for the beloved tea he helped introduce to the world.

27. Dan White, the killer of American politician Harvey Bernard Milk and the mayor of San Francisco, was charged with Voluntary Manslaughter rather than murder. The defense had argued that White's mental state was impaired by depression, as proven by him recently eating sugary foods. This became known as the "Twinkie Defense."

28. In 2001, Honda prepared to release a car called the Fit, or in European markets, 'Fitta', unaware that in Swedish, the word translates to a vulgar term for a vagina. The slogan would have been, 'The all-new Fitta, small on the outside, big on the inside.' It was renamed the Jazz before release.

29. Richard Nixon once called in staff to help him open an allergy-pill bottle. It was the childproof type of bottle, with instructions saying “Press down while turning.” The cap had teeth marks on it where Nixon had apparently tried to gnaw it open.

30. During World War 1, the British created a campaign to shame men into enlisting. Women would hand out White Feathers to men, not in uniform and berate them as cowards. It was so successful that the government had to create badges for men in critical occupations so that they would not be harassed.

31Leo Ryan

Leo Ryan

Congressman Leo Ryan is the only US member of Congress to ever be killed in the line of duty. He was assassinated while investigating the Jonestown cult.

32. During the shooting of 'Groundhog Day', a crowd of 500 had gathered to watch. Seeing this Bill Murray said “You know what these people need? Danishes!” He then went into a bakery, bought all the cakes he could find and gave them to the crowd.

33. Tupac Shakur changed the name of his publishing company from 'Ghetto Gospel Music' to 'Joshua's Dream' after meeting an 11-year-old named Joshua Torress with muscular dystrophy who died 45 minutes after Tupac left the hospital from visiting him.

34. When returning home to Australia, Hugh Jackman has been known to notify the paparazzi as to his whereabouts so that they can get the photos they want and leave him alone the remainder of his stay.

35. A black Labrador named Eclipse in Seattle is a regular solo rider to a nearby dog park with her bus pass attached to her harness. Her owner meets her there.