Nolan’s Batman Trilogy – 23 Impressive Facts

1Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne

In Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne's doctor visit, in which the doctor lists off all the degenerative injuries to his body (lack of cartilage, scar tissue, etc ) and the use of a mechanical knee brace, are reminiscent of Mark Waid's Justice League novel Kingdom Come (set in a hypothetical future), where an older Bruce Wayne requires the use of an exoskeleton to move, due to years of physical wear and tear on his body.



In the Dark Knight, during the hospital scene, when The Joker is dressed as a nurse, his name tag reads Matilda, after Heath Ledger's daughter.

3Batman Begins

Batman Begins

In Batman Begins, the gun Bruce Wayne tosses in the river is a Brazilian six-shot Taurus.

4Scarecrow first encounter

Scarecrow first encounter

In Batman Begins, the Scarecrow's (Cillian Murphy's) and Batman's (Christian Bale's) first encounter is more like Batman: The Animated Series: Nothing to Fear (1992) than the comics. Both titles featured Batman trying to foil The Scarecrow's arson attempt, failing and being drugged by the villain's fear toxin.



In the Dark Knight Rises, during the motorcycle chase scene, Bane is wearing a red helmet with black visor, as well as a brown motorcycle jacket. This is the original costume Jason Todd took under his Red Hood persona, which is a callback to The Joker's original criminal identity.

6Harvey and Joker

Harvey and Joker

In the Dark Knight, when Harvey holds The Joker at gunpoint in the hospital scene, you can see that The Joker is actually holding the revolver's hammer with his finger, thus preventing the shot in case Harvey's coin lands on "bad" side.

7Rachel Dawes

Rachel Dawes

In Batman Begins, Batman rescues Rachel Dawes and is evading the police with the Batmobile/Tumbler on I-17 in Gotham City. The city and highway fictitiously exist on the eastern seaboard of the United States. The real I-17 is one hundred forty-six miles long, and exists entirely in the state of Arizona, linking Phoenix to Flagstaff.



Dr. Jonathan Crane a.k.a. The Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) is the only villain to appear in all three of The Dark Knight movies.

9Dark Knight bus scene

Dark Knight bus scene

In the Dark Knight, the bus crashing backward into the bank in the opening sequence was much harder to pull off than was anticipated. The bus had to be taken apart and reassembled inside the building (a disused post office), concealed behind a large false wall, and then propelled backward with an air cannon.

10Bane and Batman

Bane and Batman

In Dark Knight Rises, during Bane's first encounter with Batman, Bane can be heard producing loud, heavy thuds while walking, while Batman's footsteps make very little sound at all on the steel grating of the walkways. This was intentionally done by the sound effects team to further contrast Bane’s “brute” style from Batman’s “stealth” method of combat.