Cursed Doll

Cursed Doll 1 - Cursed Doll - Joke

Once lived a young girl who was extremely fond of dolls and had a hugh collection of variety of dolls at her home.

One day, while she was browsing at a toy store and found a doll. Seeing that beautiful doll, see was keen to add it to her collection.

When she asked owner for doll price, he told her that doll was cursed but still girl insisted. So, owner reluctantly sold it to her.

Girl was happy to add that doll to her collection. When she reached home, she got into elevator and doors closed behind her but still lift didn’t move.

Girl got bit scared and began wondering if it’s because of cursed doll.

Suddenly doll moved, turned her jet black eyes toward her and opened her mouth and said, “Push the floor button, you silly.”