A Legendary Drunk

The local drunk is walking along a beach one day and sees a bottle sitting in the sand. He picks it up and starts to brush it off when, suddenly, out pops a genie!

The genie says, “Since you have freed me from the bottle, I will grant you three wishes.”

The drunk thinks for a moment then says, “I’m feeling a bit thirsty, I think I’ll be wishing for a pint of stout.”

POOF! There is a pint of stout in his hand. He drinks it down and starts to throw the glass away when the genie says, “I’d take a look at that glass again if I were you.” So he looks at the glass and notices that it is magically filling back up again with stout! The genie says to him, “That is a magic glass, and it will always fill back up after you finish it.”

The genie then asks, “What other two wishes can I grant for you?”

The drunk looks at the glass in his hand and says, “I’ll be taking two more of these, thanks.”