25 Scariest Documents to have ever been Declassified 3

21Dolphins Experiments

Dolphins Experiments

In 1965, U.S. government funded an experiment to determine whether or not dolphins could speak. For 10 weeks, a young female research associate shared living space with a dolphin in a partially flooded, two-room house. Soon the dolphin became uninterested in his lessons and tried to aggressively woo and mate with her. All this ultimately led to her giving the dolphin a handjob and both of them taking LSD in order to increase the likelihood of it being able to speak.

22Holmesburg Prison Experiments

Holmesburg Prison Experiments

Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia has been a site of controversial dermatological, pharmaceutical, and biochemical weapons research projects involving testing on inmates. One inmate described exposure to microwave radiation, sulfuric and carbonic acid, solutions which corroded and reduced forearm epidermis to a leather-like substance. In another experiment, fragments of cadavers were stitched into the backs of inmates to determine if the fragments could grow back into functional organs.

23Involuntary Sterilization

Involuntary Sterilization

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services practiced involuntary surgical sterilization on Native American women all the way through the 1970s. The procedure was often done under the pretense of a checkup or abortion. Most of the victims were not aware they had been sterilized, even after the procedure. The average birth rate of Native American women fell from 3.79 in the 1970s to 1.8 in 1980s.

24Cat Bomb

Cat Bomb

The US Office of Strategic Services decided that the best way to ensure that their bombs reached the intended naval targets was to strap them to cats and drop the cats from planes with parachutes. It was believed that the cats would naturally avoid the water and direct their payload to enemy decks. The project was declared a failure because no way was found to stop the cats from fainting in midair.



In 1954, shortly after the 15 megaton Castle Bravo nuclear explosion, Edward Teller, the "father of the H-bomb," proposed a new weapon known as the SUNDIAL. Its explosive yield was proposed to be 10,000 megatons or 10 gigatons. To put it into perspective, the largest bomb ever detonated, the Tsar Bomba, could at its maximum yield have been 100 megatons. The SUNDIAL would have been 100x more powerful than the Tsar Bomba and could scorch an area the size of France or Texas. The project was axed by the Air Force.

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