23 Chilly Yet Horrifying Facts About Antarctica

1Time zones

Time zones

Antarctica has 24 different time zones. The scientists who reside there go by either the time of their homeland or the supply line that brings them food and equipment.

2Children born

Children born

In 2009, eleven children were born in Antarctica.

3Antarctican dollars

Antarctican dollars

“Antarctican dollars” are collector's items and they are produced by the Antarctica Overseas Exchange Office in the appearance of national money for the continent of Antarctica.

4Villa Las Estrellas

Villa Las Estrellas

In Antarctica, there is a town called Villa Las Estrellas with a primary school consisting of approximately 15 students and contains 3 computers providing the town's access to the internet.



There are 7 churches in Antarctica.

6Børge Ousland

Børge Ousland

In 1996, a Norwegian man named Børge Ousland became the first to cross Antarctica, 1,864 miles, coast to coast, all alone and completely without support. In 2001, he completed the first solo crossing of the Arctic, from Siberia to Canada via the North Pole, in 82 days.

7Club 300

There is an exclusive club in Antarctica called Club 300. In order to become a member one have to warm themselves in a 200-degree sauna, and then run outside naked and touch the Ceremonial South Pole where it's 100 degrees below.

8Belgica Antarctica

Belgica Antarctica

There is just one insect species native to Antarctica called Belgica Antarctica.

9Lenin statue

Lenin statue

In the geographical center of Antarctica stands a statue of Lenin.

10Apsley Cherry-Garrard

Apsley Cherry-Garrard

In 1912, three men set out to recover emperor penguin eggs from Antarctica. It was so cold one man's teeth (Apsley Cherry-Garrard) chattered so violently that they shattered. When he returned to the UK, the National History Museum refused to accept the eggs.