100 Interesting Facts About Canada 3

51Quaker Oats greedy promotion

Quaker Oats greedy promotion

Quaker Oats promoted their cereal in 1955 by giving away 1 square inch of land in Canada in each box sold. In the end, it totaled up to 19 acres

52. Kraft Mac and Cheese (Kraft Dinner) has been called the de facto national dish of Canada as it is the most popular grocery item in the country. Canadians eat more of it per capita than any other country (55% more than Americans).

53. In 2013, a doctor named Dr. Stuart Kreisman in Vancouver tested a disposal program for cigarette butts, offering to offer one penny for each butt returned to its booth. It was a huge success and within a few hours over 60,000 butts had been collected.

54. Canada has a maple syrup cartel.

55. Winnipeg, despite being one of the coldest cities in Canada, is the Slurpee capital of the world.

56Operation PALACI

Operation PALACI

Canada's longest running military operation involves firing artillery rounds at mountains to trigger avalanches.

57. On September 11th, 2001 when the US Airspace was shut down following the attacks, Canada took in 255 flights bound for the USA making this known as Operation Yellow Ribbon. There were over 30,000 people on all 200 flights. Many Canadians hosted the passengers at home for several days.

58. A private company dumped 100 tons of iron sulfate off the coast of Canada to promote the growing of plankton capable of absorbing carbon-dioxide from the air. It is the world's most significant geoengineering project to date.

59. In 1945, Canada was asked how many Jewish refugees it would allow in. Canada's Foreign Minister Frederick Blair replied: "None is too many."

60. Orlando hospitals didn’t charge the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting for their treatment. Local hospitals announced they would write off about $5.5 million in medical bills in response to overwhelming support by many organizations, individuals, and charities.

61Greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions

Canada has the highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world. Higher than the United States and China.

62. The highest temperature ever recorded in Canada, 45C, is higher than any temperature ever recorded in either Brazil or Thailand.

63. Budweiser is the best selling beer in only one country: Canada

64. Some Canadian police departments give out 'positive tickets' to thank people for doing something good.

65. In World War 2, the Japanese bombed Saskatchewan, Canada. The only damage was a fence.

66Tap water

Tap water

Tap water in Canada is held to a higher health standard than bottled water.

67. More Canadian soldiers died from suicide than from combat in recent 10-year war in Afghanistan

68. A man in Canada smuggles Trader Joe's branded groceries from the US to sell in his store "Pirate Joes" in Canada.

69. Terry Fox, a 21-year-old one-legged cancer patient, ran 3,339 miles across Canada in 143 days before dying. He ran the equivalent of a full marathon every day and was the youngest person ever named a Companion of the Order of Canada.

70. Canada has sold hundreds of millions of tons of asbestos to developing and 3rd world countries with no regulations against cancer causing substance with no warning while knowing fully well the dangers of the product.

71Canada immigration

Canada immigration

You can be denied immigration to Canada if you have a health condition that may "cause excessive demands on health or social services".

72. There is a town in Canada called "Redditt". It had a Highway 666 running through it, but a church successfully petitioned to have it renumbered so that their address wasn't on the "highway to hell."

73. Canada has a free service run by volunteers to drive you home if you're too drunk to drive yourself during the holiday season

74. In Canada, text messages to landlines are converted into voice messages, so friends or family members who don't have a mobile phone can listen on a landline. English and French supported.

75. Canada abruptly canceled the development of its own fighter jet (Avro Arrow) in the 1950s in favor of Nuclear missiles (Bomarcs). All the engineers left for NASA thereafter.