Versatility of Tom Hanks: 30 Uncovered Facts About his Diverse Acting Career

26Tom Hanks Lawsuit

Tom Hanks Lawsuit

In 2003, an arbitration board ordered Tom Hanks to pay his Idaho home builder the unpaid balance for the construction, plus interest and attorney fees. The total was $2 million. Hanks sued the builder in 2007 and again lost. He had to pay for the cost of the arbitration, $167,623.

27. Tom Hanks has a son named Chet who is a rapper and goes by the name Chet Haze.

28. Tom Hanks experienced "love at first sight" when he saw his future wife, Rita Wilson, on The Brady Bunch in 1972. They were married 16 years later.

29. Tom Hanks' character Mr. White in That Thing You Do! was intended to be gay and in a relationship with a character played by Howie Long of the NFL and Fox NFL Sunday.

30. Tom Hanks, Martin Short, and Steve Martin have regular ‘colonoscopy parties’ where they prep together overnight and share one car on the ride to get their colonoscopies the next day.