Random Fact Sheet #71 – 40 Facts to Delight and Educate




The egg that created you was formed inside of your mother’s fetus while she was inside of your grandmother’s womb.

27. Marlon Brando’s final film was a movie called “Big Bug Man”. The animated film, co-starring Brendan Fraser, still has not been released and likely never will be.

28. In 1854, the Mayor of Los Angeles (Stephen Clark Foster) resigned to lead a lynch mob and then was re-elected.

29. John Wayne's voice was heavily processed and edited from archive audio to be used for Garindan in 'Star Wars.'

30. The largest private landowner (John Malone) in the US owns 2.2 million acres which is about three times the size of Rhode Island.



US State Pennsylvania makes 80% of US pretzels.

32. The slow loris is the only poisonous primate in existence. Its toxin can kill a human and may have evolved from trying to mimic a cobra.

33. Surplus jet engines were used to de-ice railroads in Soviet Russia.

34. The hottest thing in the known universe is actually on Earth: The Large Hadron Collider can reach temperatures of 4 trillion Kelvin.

35. Richard Dean Anderson and 80 other action stars turned down the role of John McClane in Die Hard before Bruce Willis was chosen for the role.



There is a Peruvian Christmas Tradition (Takanakuy) where people fight each other to settle grievances on Christmas Day.

37. The McKee Sons was a freighter that ran aground in the Detroit River on Christmas Eve of 2010 while delivering almost 12,000 tons of coal.

38. Some kids conclude that it's the birthday parties causing them to age.

39. DMX has been in trouble with the law 22 times in the last 20 years. Most of them stem from animal cruelty, drug, weapon possession, driving under the influence or without a license and failure to pay child support.

40. The Christmas Eve parlor game Snap-dragon is a game where raisins are placed in a bowl of brandy, the brandy is lit on fire, and participants have to snatch the burning raisins.