Random Fact Sheet #328 – 45 Fascinating Facts

26Triple Nine Society

Triple Nine Society

Late actor Robert Forster, perhaps best known from "Jackie Brown" and "Breaking Bad," was a member of the "Triple Nine Society," which is reserved for people whose IQ is in at least the 99.9th percentile (which equates to a score of 146 or above on the widely-used Wechsler tests).

27. The baggers that work at Grocery Stores on USA Military Installations, only get paid in tips. They do not get an hourly rate.

28. The United States has a 1.4 billion pound stockpile of cheese stored in caves in Missouri.

29. In 2012, a librarian at a high school in Tupelo Mississippi discovered a library card in the back of an old book signed in 1948 by a then 13-year-old Elvis Presley. It is the oldest known autograph by Elvis.

30. Classical music and metal fans have the most similar personalities, based on a study of 36,000 people in more than 60 countries. "Both have the same basic motivation: to hear something dramatic and theatrical, a shared 'love of the grandiose.'"

31Japanese Housing Depreciation

Japanese Housing Depreciation

An average house in Japan depreciates to almost ¥0 after 25 years.

32. Dory from "Finding Nemo" is deemed one of the most neuropsychologically accurate movie portrayals of the amnesic syndrome and the considerable memory difficulties faced daily by people with it.

33. Henry VIII traveled with a locksmith and changed the locks on his rooms when he visited other estates.

34. In the UK, kestrels were once called “windf*ckers.”

35. Apollo astronauts did not have a space toilet. They had a plastic bag with an adhesive rim which they stuck to themselves. After relieving themselves, they had to add disinfectant to the bag and knead it by hand until thoroughly mixed.

36Descendants of Abdulaziz

Descendants of Abdulaziz

Since 1953, every King of Saudi Arabia has been the son of the first king, Abdulaziz. His oldest son was born in 1900 and the youngest in 1952. He has roughly 1,000 grandchildren.

37. Hospital patients recover quicker when they are able to see a park/vegetation from their window.

38. When he was the president, John F. Kennedy asked his mother not to contact heads of state without asking him first, after she had asked Nikita Khrushchev to send her his autograph.

39. There is a place off the coast of Australia where octopus, who are mostly solitary creatures, have made a small “city” of sorts.

40. 75–80% of Olive Oil sold in the US is adulterated, including major brands. Organized crime's profit margin on adulterated olive oil is 3 times that of cocaine. Olive oil fraud has gone on for 4000 years.

41Pokemon Kadabra Lawsuit

Pokemon Kadabra Lawsuit

The Pokemon Kadabra stopped appearing in the trading card games due to a lawsuit filed by magician Uri Geller in the early 2000s. Geller claimed that Nintendo based Kadabra on him because he also has a spoon-bending act and its Japanese name Yungeller sounds similar to his own.

42. When people were burnt at the stake, bags of gunpowder were sometimes tied around the victim’s necks to shorten their suffering.

43. Groundhog Day was introduced to America by German settlers who originally used a hedgehog to predict the weather, switching to the groundhog as they were easier to come across in the Keystone State.

44. Toto Forever is an art installation in the Namib Desert which consists of 6 speakers atop a ring of large white blocks attached to a solar-powered MP3 player that continuously plays the 1982 song Africa by the American band, Toto. Its exact location has not been disclosed.

45. In the Summer of 2017, the band Phish played 13 straight shows at Madison Square Garden in NYC, 26 sets of music, and played 237 songs without a single repeat.