Random Fact Sheet #323 – Joy of Serendipity: 30 Facts That Will Fill You with Wonder


26Glastonbury Christmas Tree

Glastonbury Christmas Tree

A tree in Glastonbury, England, is said to flower on Christmas day and people were disappointed that it did not obey the switch to the Gregorian calendar in 1752.

27. Charles Martinet, the long-time voice actor for the video game character, Mario, showed up uninvited to the audition for the role. The audition crew was already packing up their gear, but he managed to convince them to let him try out.

28. Molly Brown survived the Titanic and was rescued by the Carpathia. Aboard the Carpathia, a battered Brown did what she could to help the other survivors, including raising money from the wealthy to help poor passengers. Her acts of heroism earned her the nickname "the Unsinkable Mrs. Brown." 

29. Sweden imports more live crawfish from the US than any other country, and 90% of all crawfish produced in the US is grown in Louisiana.

30. The first airship (USS Shenandoah) to be lifted by helium used most of the helium available in the world at the time to fill its 59,000 cubic meter volume.