Random Fact Sheet #317 – Curious Corner: 30 Unexpected Random Facts

26Mail Fraud

Mail Fraud

In 2017, a Chicago man filled out a change of address form to change the address of UPS corporate headquarters to that of his apartment, causing the postal service to forward thousands of letters and checks to him.

27. Many 9/11 survivors delayed their evacuation of the World Trade Center to shut down computers, change shoes, and use the bathroom.

28. Earth’s atmosphere becomes so thin at about 160 km above sea level that sound waves can no longer be transmitted. It is therefore silent at altitudes higher than this region, which is why it is called the “anacoustic zone.”

29. In 2018, Bob Costas was removed from his spot on the Super Bowl and fired from NBC for submitting a monologue that discussed the dangers of concussions during the Super Bowl.

30. Roman Polanski wanted to film a violent and nihilistic version of Macbeth in response to his wife and unborn child’s murder. No studio would finance it given the parallels with his own life, but Hugh Hefner financed the movie. He had been partying with a Playboy Executive on the night of the murders.