Random Fact Sheet #306 – Into the Extraordinary: 30 Unbelievable Facts


Python Programming Language

Python Programming Language

The Python programming language was not named after the snake, but was actually named after “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, a British surreal sketch comedy series because the creator wanted to give his programming language a name that was “unique, mysterious and short.”

27. There is a folk-punk band named “This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb”. On three separate occasions, stickers for the band affixed to bicycles resulted in police evacuations and bomb squad responses.

28. In English and German culture, Death is typically portrayed as male, but in French, Spanish, and Italian culture, it is not uncommon for Death to be female. In the Netherlands, Death is sometimes referred to as 'Uncle Hendrik'.

29. Julian Carlton who was one of the servants of architect Frank Lloyd Wright killed several members of his family with an axe in 1914.

30. Scrat from Ice Age (2002) was not based on a known mammal. However, in 2011 fossilized remains were found in Argentina resembling Scrat.