Random Fact Sheet #302 – Awe-Inspiring Discovery: 30 Mind-Blowing Random Facts

Voluntarily Piloerection

One in every 1500 people has something called Voluntarily Piloerection, the ability to consciously give themselves goosebumps. The phenomenon both perplexes and intrigues neurophysiologists because it defies conventional understanding of how the unconscious nervous system operates.

27. Will Sampson had never acted before playing Chief in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. The producers were just looking for a tall Native American and chose the 6'7" (2.01 meters) Sampson after a car dealer called them and said “the biggest sonofab*tch Indian came in the other day!”

28. In 2017, the British band Muse invited ticket-holders for an upcoming gig in London to vote online for 10 songs that they wanted to be added to the setlist. Fans immediately flooded the poll with votes for 15-year-old B-sides and tracks that the band had never played live before.

29. In 1967, Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov died in an accident on the Soyuz 1 mission, making him the first human to die in a space flight. He was aware of the faulty design of the shuttle and specifically asked the authorities to give him an open casket funeral after the mission.

30. In the 70s, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, tried creating its own artificial coral reef by dumping some 2 million used tires into the ocean. It became an environmental disaster, naturally, but also a military training exercise when divers had to retrieve the tires (almost one by one).