Random Fact Sheet #300 – Incredible Revelations: 30 Unbelievable Facts


26Charles Manson

Charles Manson

Charles Manson once approached Steve McQueen with a script, he wrote, in hopes of getting him to produce it. When McQueen turned him down, an altercation happened, in which McQueen broke Manson's nose.

27. Lithium, which is used to treat bipolar disorder, when found naturally in drinking water has been found to reduce the amount of violence and suicide in that population.

28. The baby of 19th century Empress Elisabeth of Austria was taken away by her mother-in-law who named the child after herself and refused to allow Elisabeth to breastfeed or care for her own child. Her second daughter born a year later was also taken from her.

29. The Washington Monument’s many blocks are held together by just gravity and friction. No mortar was used in the building process.

30. Zinedine Zidane had told Materazzi: “I’ll give you my shirt later.” Meterazzi replied, “I’d rather have your sister than your shirt.” These words led to Zidane’s famous headbutt incident.