Random Fact Sheet #295 – Intricacies Explored: 30 Facts




RAM, Daft Punk's last album had such a colossal amount of recordings and musical assets that one option was to release a quadruple album. They cut no corner in the most legendary musicians, gear, or studios, going as far as recording orchestra parts for nearly all tracks on the album.

27. The Civilian Conservation Corps was a US Government-sponsored work program that provided training and income for young men and their families during the Great Depression. The program is credited for having improved morale, physical health, and employability for those who participated.

28. The largest power outage in U.S. history was caused by a software bug in an alarm system and knocked out power for most of the Northeastern U.S. and parts of Canada in 2003.

29. A Bible museum in Ohio saved money on its displays by using a discarded Tom Cruise wax figure to depict Jesus.

30. The original proposal for the plot of the movie Anchorman was about news anchors trying to escape a mountaintop plane crash while being stalked and killed by orangutans wielding ninja stars.