Hormonal Wonders: 40 Captivating Facts About the Dynamic World of Human Hormones – Part 2

1Dopamine Increase

Dopamine Increase

The brain releases so much dopamine during orgasms that a brain scan resembles that of someone on heroin.

2. Coffee really can make you poop. Multiple studies have shown that coffee has a laxative effect by stimulating gastrin's release, which increases activity in the colon. Some individuals experience this effect almost immediately after sipping coffee.

3. Men also have a hormonal cycle in which varying levels of testosterone affect mood, sex drive, and behaviors whilst simultaneously being responsive to cues in a woman's hormonal cycle, however, the outward signs displayed are not as evident as a woman's monthly cycle.

4. The oxytocin system develops during childhood and if that system doesn't develop properly, you are more prone to alcoholism and drug addiction as an adult.

5. Due to the withdrawal of hormones received in the womb some newborn girls experience menstrual bleeding from their vaginas at 2 or 3 days of age.

6Insulin Shock Therapy

Insulin Shock Therapy

‘Insulin Shock Therapy,’ is a practice of giving increasingly high insulin levels to psychiatric patients (mostly schizophrenics) until the patient falls into a coma for up to an hour, six days a week or for up to two years.

7. Melatonin is the hormone that’s associated with the control of our sleep-wake cycles. It evolved 700 million years ago from our tiny oceangoing ancestors that would swim to the surface of the sea at twilight and then sink into the depths of the ocean in a sleepy fall through the night.

8. Levels of the stress hormone, ‘cortisol’, which is the same ancient chemical that instructs men to fight, tends to spike about four to six weeks after men learn they are going to be fathers.

9. Habitual singing causes the lungs to release leptin, a protein manufactured by the body’s fat cells that are involved in the regulation of appetite. This may partially explain why opera stars tend to lean toward the heavy end of the scale.

10. The oxytocin hormone which triggers feelings of unconditional love and protection spikes when parents and children look into each other’s eyes or embrace. This spike is also seen in both human and canine brains when they interact, which shows that we love our pets in the same way as family members, and dogs return this devoted affection.

11Chopping Wood

Chopping Wood

Chopping wood increases testosterone production by 46.8%. That’s as much as 17% higher than soccer and other studied competitive sports.

12. Research has found that the female hormone Estrogen has increased in both men and women since the 50's. Scientists have attributed this to the increased use of birth control in women and declining male hormone testosterone in men over time.

13. Insufficient sleep affects growth hormone secretion which is linked to obesity. As the amount of hormone secretion decreases, the chance for weight gain increases. It also impairs the body's ability to use insulin, which can lead to the onset of diabetes. A single night of sleeplessness can stimulate insulin resistance, a component of type 2 Diabetes, implying that sleep deprivation can be a major factor in the origin of type 2 diabetes.

14. Prolactin, Oxytocin, Endorphins, Epinephrine, Phenylethylamine, Testosterone, and Serotonin are released during male orgasm.

15. Losing large amounts of weight causes your body to secret more Ghrelin, the hormone that makes you hungry, so you end up gaining the weight back. Have gastric bypass, however, keeps the weight off because the amount of Ghrelin released is proportional to the overall size of your stomach.

16Dark Genitals

Dark Genitals

The reason that both male and female genitals are darker than the surrounding skin is due to sex hormones released during puberty.

17. Melatonin levels secreted in breast milk vary depending on the time of day, helping a baby know when to sleep/wake up and thus regulate its sleep cycle. Babies who are fed formula have a harder time regulating their sleep cycle and are more prone to colic.

18. You blush because adrenaline makes your blood vessels dilate.

19. The ‘Premarin’ drug which is used to treat symptoms of menopause, is made from the urine of pregnant mares. Estrogen is extracted from its urine.

20. Standing like a Superhero for as little as two minutes changes our testosterone and cortisol level, increases our appetite for risk, causes us to perform better in job interviews, and generally configures our brains to cope well in stressful situations.

21Mini Puberty

Mini Puberty

Infants are grouchy around 6-9 months because their hormones spike to pubertal levels. This phase of their life is sometimes referred to as "mini puberty." Hormones then drop back to normal until pre-teens go through 'real' puberty.

22. There is a molecule that makes a "bridge" between metabolism and physical activity called Irisin. It is a Thermogenic and Anabolic hormone produced by muscles.

23. Hugging for 20 seconds releases oxytocin, which can make someone trust you more.

24. Research has found that 8/12 (sprint/rest) cycling for 20-minute sessions, 3 times a week produces the same amount of weight loss as 5-7 hours of jogging. It also generates the same amount of catecholamine hormone and reduced appetite.

25. Consumption of alcohol interferes with the production of antidiuretic hormones. This hormone works to signal the kidneys to retain water. Drinking alcohol interferes with your body's ability to produce ADH, causing you to release more urine. As a result, you get dehydrated, and subsequently hungover.

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