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Three guys travel to Saudi Arabia for a holiday and ride into the desert.

They find an oasis and get off their camels.

They walk into a tent that they think is the one they rented. But actually belongs to a prince with 3 hot wives.

They start to relax but when the prince shows up and sees them, he thinks his wives are cheating on him.

As a punishment, he tells them that their p*nises will have to be cut off in some way relating to their occupation.

He asks the first guy what his job was.

“I’m an employee at the shooting range,” he replies nervously.

“Then we’ll shoot your dick off!” the prince says.

“I’m a fireman,” the second guy says, shaking in his boots.

“Then we’ll burn your co*k off!” says the prince.

The third guy smiles wickedly and says, “I’m a lollipop salesman.”