Fans Gone Wild: 28 Unsettling Incidents of Fan Obsession


1James Doohan

James Doohan

James Doohan (i.e. Scotty in the original Star Trek) once helped a suicidal fan by personally requesting her attendance to a convention. After 8 years of silence he received a letter from her thanking him for what he did and stating she had earned her Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering.

2. Leonard Nimoy met many fans who became scientists because of Spock's example and talked to the 'Star Trek' actor as if he were a fellow researcher. Nimoy always nodded and told them, "Well, it certainly looks like you’re headed in the right direction."

3. J.R.R. Tolkien once received a goblet from a fan inscribed with "One Ring to Rule Them All..." inscribed on the rim in black speech. Tolkien never drank out of it, since it was written in an accursed language, and instead used it as an ashtray.

4. Nicolas Cage was arrested in 2011 for public intoxication, and was bailed out by a fan who was a bail bondsman. That bail bondsman was none other than ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter.’

5. Instead of autographs, Jonah Hill gives out business cards to his fan that say: I just met Jonah Hill. It was a total letdown.

6Clark Gable

Clark Gable

Actor Clark Gable fought in World War 2 and almost got killed once. When word of this reached MGM, studio executives began to badger the Army Air Forces to reassign him to noncombat duty. Also, Hitler was a fan and offered a sizable reward to anyone who could capture and bring Gable to him unscathed.

7. George Reeves, the actor who played Superman in the 1950s was wary because some fans tried to test his "invulnerability." At one appearance a young fan pulled a pistol on him. Reeves convinced him to hand over the gun by telling him that a bystander could be hurt when the bullets bounced off.

8. During a 1957 Phillies game, Richie Ashburn hit a fan with a foul ball, breaking her nose. When play resumed he hit her again with another foul ball as she was being taken out on a stretcher.

9. In 2006, Prince did a 'Willy Wonka' and made Universal hide 14 purple tickets—seven in the U.S. and seven internationally—inside his latest album, 3121. Fans who found a purple ticket were invited to attend a private performance at Prince's Los Angeles home.

10. Frank Zappa and his friends were once confronted at his home by a fan brandishing a gun. Frank took him to the pond outside and invented a ceremony where everyone had to throw something in it. The fan threw in his gun.



The band Aerosmith once bailed out at least 30 of their fans who were arrested for smoking weed at their show.

12. A terminally ill Star Wars fan got to see "The Rise of Skywalker" ahead of its scheduled release. A hospice worker tweeted the man's dying wish after seeing a Star Wars tattoo on his leg. About 2 days later, a Disney representative arrived at the hospice with a black bag containing a hard drive with the movie.

13. A UFC fan once got hold of fighter Rory MacDonald’s old cell phone number and was selecting Rory's walkout music via text messages without Rory or the UFC finding out for years.

14. Before Ed Sheeran became internationally famous, he put on a free show for his small fan base. Over 1,000 fans turned up to see the show, so Sheeran ended up playing four different shows to make sure everyone saw a gig, including a gig outside on the street after the venue had closed.

15. "House of Cards" is extremely popular in China, especially among Communist Party leaders, with one fan on social media writing about the show, “I’m just amazed that their propaganda ministry isn’t mad about this.”

16Michael Mamaril

Michael Mamaril

A Borderlands fan named Michael Mamaril died at the age of 22 before Borderlands 2 came out. When his friends asked Gearbox if they would have Claptrap read a eulogy, they instead made a character in the game based off of Michael himself.

17. In 1962, a Montreal Canadiens fan tried to steal the Stanley Cup from a display case in Chicago. He was arrested and reportedly told the judge he was trying to bring it back to Montreal "where it belonged." He was fined $10.

18. After Queen's success with Bohemian Rhapsody, sacks of fan mail poured in from behind the Iron Curtain, addressed to "Queen, London". It was mistakenly delivered to Buckingham Palace.

19. Lou Williams (Los Angeles Lakers) once got robbed at gunpoint in Philly but when the mugger noticed it was Lou he said he was a big fan. They then went to McDonald’s.

20. Jim Becker, a Green Bay Packers fan who paid for game tickets by donating blood, had a rare, undiagnosed condition in which bloodletting was the only treatment. Buying tickets continuously saved his life.

21Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew

When Mountain Dew held an online poll to let fans choose the name for a new flavor, “Hitler did nothing wrong,” “Diabeetus,” and “Gushing Granny” all topped the online rankings.

22. A World Cup qualifying match between Chile and Brazil was canceled after an opposing fan hit the Chilean goalkeeper (Roberto Rojas) with a flare. Photos later proved that the flare never touched him. He faked the injury with a hidden razor blade.

23. Ferdinando Boero is a jellyfish expert who was also a fan of Frank Zappa. He reached out to Zappa asking if he'd be ok with a jellyfish named in his honor, to which Zappa replied saying “there is nothing I would like better than having a jellyfish with my name.” So it was named Phialella zappai.

24. During the ’80s, drunken calls to Hanna-Barbera studios from Flintstones fans curious to know what Barney Rubble did for a living were so common that the security guard in charge of answering the phones at night would simply reply: “He worked in the quarry.”

25. Albert Einstein was approached so often by fans wanting explanations of his theories he would say, "Pardon me, sorry! Always I am mistaken for Professor Einstein."