31 Epic Random Facts To Blow You Away | Random List #14




Teller started the practice of being silent during performances to avoid being heckled at frats while in college.

27. The kilogram is the only unit of measurement that is still based on a physical object, a Platinum-Iridium cylinder.

28. The reason for Power Girl's enormous breasts is due to the artist believing his editors were not paying attention to anything he did. Eight issues later, they noticed.

29. The Pillars of Creation, in Eagle Nebula, might already have been destroyed by a supernova around 6000 years ago. We can know the exact events that occurred when the light reaches us around 1000 years later

30. Californian scientists have spent a decade tweaking an algae genome so that it produces more than twice as much fat than wild versions of the same species. They believe that fattened, genetically engineered algae could one day become the world's most efficient source of fuel.

31Buttercup flower

Buttercup flower

When you hold a buttercup flower under your chin, it doesn't light up because you like butter, rather because of the petal’s unique epidermal layers, which contain a pigment that absorbs light in the blue-green region, it reflects back yellow.