23 Bewitching Facts About Hollywood Movie Monsters


1Count Dracula

Count Dracula

Count Dracula was first depicted wearing a Bela Lugosi-style cape/tuxedo combo in 1924 when the book was adapted for London stage. It was the only way to make it obvious that the Count was charming and sophisticated from a distance.



The Prawns in the movie District 9 are not called that because of shrimp but are in reference to the Parktown prawn which is a type of cricket (insect) native to South Africa.



The T-Rex at the end of Jurassic World is the same exact one from the end of the original Jurassic Park, and the scars on its side are from its fight with the Velociraptors in the first movie.



Imhotep, unlike his movie counterpart in "The Mummy", had a respected reputation. He is considered to be the world's first architect, engineer, and doctor. He was also: Chancellor of the King of Egypt, Doctor, First in line after the King of Upper Egypt, Administrator of the Great Palace, Chief Carpenter, Builder, Chief Sculptor, and Maker of Vases in Chief. He was also the author of the first Egyptian medical treatise that was completely devoid of magical thinking.



Godzilla's iconic roar in its first 1954 movie was created using a leather glove coated in pine-tar resin and rubbing it against the string of a double bass.

6Jabba The Hutt

Jabba The Hutt

Jabba The Hutt puppet was 2,000 lbs, took 3 months to build, 3 men to operate and cost half a million dollars to construct.



The "bolts" in the Monster's neck in Frankenstein (1931), are actually electrodes. One is positive and the other, negative.



The inner mouth of a Xenomorph from Aliens is called a pharyngeal jaw, and Moray Eels have them.



The T-1000 evolving noise from Terminator 2 was made with a condom covered microphone stuck into a flour/water mixture.



The monsters from the movie 'Gremlins' were thought to represent the negative stereotypes of black people.