100 Little Known Facts About Star Wars



When Disney bought LucasFilm, they also gained access to the "Holocron" created by Lucas. Holocron lists 17,000 characters in the Star Wars universe inhabiting several thousand planets over a span of more than 20,000 years.

52. Carrie Fisher made George Lucas give her a copy of the Star Wars Christmas Special. She played it at the end of parties when she wanted everyone to leave.

53. Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) was considered to play Han Solo in “Star Wars” and told his close friend who was sleeping on his couch, Mark Hamill, to go audition for the role of Luke Skywalker.

54. The term ‘Sith’ is never mentioned in the original Star Wars trilogy.

55. Star Wars the Force Awakens spent $50M more on advertising and trailers ($250M) than they did on production ($200M).

56Christopher Lee's ancestry

Christopher Lee's ancestry

Christopher Lee, the actor who played Saruman in LOTR and Count Dooku in the Star Wars prequels, was related to Confederate General Robert E. Lee, was the step-cousin of James Bond writer Ian Fleming, was a Flight Lieutenant in the British Royal Air Force during WW2 and killed multiple Nazis, climbed Mt. Vesuvius three days before it erupted, tripped over a live bomb and survived, and released a symphonic death metal album at the age of 88.

57. Steven Spielberg still gets 2.5% of profits from Star Wars because while visiting the sets of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, George Lucas thought that movie would be a bigger hit than Star Wars. Spielberg disagreed and they both decided to trade 2.5% profit on each other's films.

58. As a joke on the editor of a Star Wars comic, a writer created a Jedi named Master Bates. The joke wasn’t noticed and it made it through to publishing.

59. Alec Guinness was one of the few cast members who believed that Star Wars would be a box office hit. He negotiated a deal for 2.25% of the gross royalties paid to the director, George Lucas, who received one fifth of the box office takings. This made him very wealthy in his later life.

60. In Star Wars, the Jedi aren't necessarily the good guys, and the Sith aren’t necessarily the villains. They simply have competing ideas about how to use the force.

61Changes in Star Wars

Changes in Star Wars

It is impossible to obtain an original theatrical version of Star Wars. Every obtainable release has been altered in some way. Even some of the later theatrical releases in 1977 had changes made to them.

62. Mythbuster's Grant Imahara built the R2-D2 in Star Wars Ep.1&2 and the Energizer Bunny.

63. Natalie Portman missed the premier of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace to study for her high school finals.

64. Nien Nunb, a minor character in the movie Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi caused Kenyan audiences to burst into laughter after they realised he spoke Kikuyu, the language of Kenya’s majority tribe.

65. Marcia Lucas, George Lucas’ then wife, was the reason for major changes to the Original Star Wars film. Obi Wan’s death, Leia’s good Luck Kiss and re-editing the trench run to increase tension were all her ideas. She won the Academy Award for editing the film while George did not for directing.

66Star Wars Imperial March

Star Wars Imperial March

When the King of Saudi Arabia visited Britain, the Welsh Guards welcomed him by playing the Star Wars Imperial March.

67. Carrie Fisher wore no underwear in Star Wars because George Lucas convinced her "there is no underwear in outer space"

68. The world’s largest Lego structure is a 1:1 model of a Star Wars X-Wing fighter. It took 17,000 hours to build, weighs 23 tonnes, and contains 5.3 million LEGO bricks

69. Star Wars was inspired by the Japanese movie, "The Hidden Fortress"

70. Christopher Lee, known for his work with LOTR and Star Wars, has the Guinness World Record for most film acting roles, and he has also released two metal albums.

71Sand Crawler threat

Sand Crawler threat

While Lucas was filming Star Wars in Tunisia, the Libyan government became worried about a military vehicle parked near the border. The Tunisian government, receiving threats of military mobilization, politely asked Lucas to move his Sandcrawler away from the border.

72. George Lucas wanted to make a Flash Gordon movie but could not obtain the rights so instead, he created Star Wars

73. John Williams lost at the 50th Academy Awards (Close Encounters)to himself (Star Wars).

74. Disney is using "anti-drone" drones to prevent people from spying on the set of Star Wars Episode VIII...

75. According to George Lucas, the entire Star Wars saga is told by R2D2, some hundred years after Return of the Jedi.