100 Interesting Facts about Men



25% of all Russian men die before they reach their mid-50s, mainly due to vodka.

77. 1 in every 14 adult men in the United States don’t watch nationally televised sports whatsoever.

78. An Oxford University study concluded that men need at least two "guys nights" a week to stay healthy

79. After a Colonel called his men "animals" for cutting off the heads of Japanese dead and impaling them on poles, one soldier responded "That's right Colonel, we are animals. We live like animals, we eat and are treated like animals–what the fu*k do you expect?"

80. When Genghis Khan sent a trade caravan to the Khwarezmid Empire, the governor of one city seized it and killed the traders. Genghis Khan retaliated by invading the empire with 200,000 men and killing the governor by pouring molten silver down his eyes and mouth

81Kalenjin tribe

Kalenjin tribe

There are 17 American men in history who have run under 2:10 in the marathon. In contrast, there were 32 Kenyans who did it just in October of 2011.

82. A new birth control method for men that has a 100% success rate in test subjects so far. Developed by an Indian doctor, it works similar to an 'on-off' switch and would afford countless families across the globe an incredibly cheap method to control the size of their families.

83. Constantine XI Palaiologos, the last Roman Emperor. 564 years ago today, as Ottoman cannons breached the once-mighty Theodosian Walls of Constantinople, he donned the appearance of a common soldier and led his remaining men to one last valiant charge in the name of Rome and their home.

84. Serial killer John Wayne Gacy (killing at least 33 young men) was very active in local community activities. As a result of his contributions, he met and was photographed with then-First Lady Rosalynn Carter and given special security clearance by the secret service.

85. A man once received a heart transplant from a suicide victim, married the donor's widow, then killed himself four years later in the same manner as the donor.

86Frederick William I

Frederick William I

18th-century Prussian king Frederick William I was obsessed with having soldiers over 6 foot tall. He paid families for tall children, kidnapped tall men, bred them by pairing up his soldiers with tall women, and even stretched them on a rack to make them taller.

87. In 1922, Nikola Tesla imagined that his favorite pigeon told him that she was dying. When she actually did shortly after, he said that "something went out of his life and he knew his life's work was finished".

88. It snowed 8 inches on the eve of John F. Kennedy's inauguration. To clear Pennsylvania Avenue, an army of men worked all night, using flame-throwers.

89. Bohemian Grove is a 137-year-old secret camp, that Nixon called "The faggiest goddamn thing you could ever imagine". The camp is private and only open to the rich and powerful men of the world.

90. In May 2011, two Muslim men in traditional Muslim attire were removed from an airplane after other passengers said they were uncomfortable. The men were on their way to a conference on prejudice against Muslims



Women and men who like the taste of beer are 60% more likely to have sex on the first date

92. Atheism was banned within the Nazi SS. All SS men were required to list themselves as Protestant, Catholic or "believer in God".

93. The unsolved death of two men found on a hilltop wearing lead eye masks with no apparent injuries. A nearby notebook was found to contain the message '16:30 be at the specified location. 18:30 ingest capsules after the effect protect metals wait for signal mask'

94. Christopher Columbus, in an effort to induce the natives of Jamaica to continue provisioning him and his hungry men, successfully intimidated the natives by correctly predicting a lunar eclipse

95. While sudden heart attacks during sex are rare, most of them happen to men who are cheating on their wives

96Horace de Vere Cole

Horace de Vere Cole

The prankster Horace de Vere Cole once ruined a "pretentious and terrible play" by giving tickets for strategically selected seats to bald men. When the lights went up to their shiny heads spelt out a swear word.

97. There was a study that showed that men weren't attracted to women's butts, but rather the implied spinal curvature that creates the illusion. The spinal curvature positively affects the ability to have children.

98. A Seattle businessman founded a sperm bank in 1980 which accepted sperm only from Nobel laureates or 'accomplished men.' The intent was to create genetically superior children. Of the 218 children born under the program, many are reportedly geniuses at various disciplines.

99. In Liechtenstein's last military engagement they sent 80 men and returned with 81 as they had made a friend

100. In 1965, the FBI knowingly caused 4 innocent men to be falsely convicted and sentenced to die because the real murderer was an informant for the agency.