Three survivors are tourists from

The only three survivors are tourists from different areas of the United States. A man from Georgia, a man from Florida and a man from Hawaii.

They float on a raft until they hit an island where they’re met by a tribe of fierce locals who despise outsiders. A member of tribe offers to translate for them so the chief can decide their fate.

The men are brought before a large clearing at the edge of the village where the chief begins his sentencing. “In the field behind me our ancestors have grown all the fruit known to man.

You are you to walk the field and pick your favourite fruit then return it to me”The men think wow this is a very simple punishment. “

We shall gather the fruits of our native states to show the chief we miss home and just want to go back” says the man from Hawaii. The other two agree and all three set off into the field.

Around 5 minutes later the man from Georgia appeared from the field and approached the chief holding a peach. “Chief I bring to you my native fruit. A gesture that I simply wish to return home”

The chief with a smile tells the man to insert the fruit into his  and he will be given a canoe and allowed to leave. If he fails to insert the fruit he will be beheaded on the spot.

Instantly the man stuffs the peach into his  just before the man from Florida returns holding an orange. As the Florida man approaches he tells the chief “

I have brought you the fruit from my native home simply to show you I miss home and would love to go back”. Again the chief explains the process and the man begins to hastily stuff the orange in his.

As he gets his pants down and puts the orange in his  he begins to laugh. Soon after the first man begins to laugh hysterically as well. Within 30 seconds both men are in tears from laughter.

The chief asks the translator what these men are laughing at to which the translator says “They said the man from Hawaii is looking for the pineapples”