Random Fact Sheet #15 – 35 Amusing Trivial Facts You Need to Know




Columbus, Ohio has a larger population than Cincinnati and Cleveland combined and yet they have no NFL, NBA or MLB teams. Cleveland and Cincinnati have 5.

27. Panda bears poop 40 times a day.

28. At the Walt Disney theme parks there are merchandise stores hidden from the public and open to Disney cast members only. These sell exclusive collector's items that are only available to Disney employees.

29. Amman, the capital of Jordan has extreme examples of microclimate, and almost every neighborhood exhibits its own weather.

30. At top speed, the Bugatti Veyron will empty its 26-gallon tank in 12 minutes.

31Finnair Flight 666

Finnair Flight 666

On Friday, January 13, 2017, Finnair Flight 666 flew to Helsinki International Airport (abbreviated HEL) taking off at 13:00 local time with an aircraft that is 13 years old.

32. Despite Leona Helmsley's reputation as "the queen of mean" she left the bulk of her $4 billion estate to a charitable trust.

33. Milk Sickness is caused by milk or meat from a cow that is fed white snakeroot plant, which contains the poison tremetol. Though rare today, milk sickness killed 1000s of people in the 1800s including Abraham Lincoln's mother.

34. The troodon was likely among the smartest dinosaurs that existed. Its intelligence would put it among that of modern birds.

35. Germany has experienced catastrophic war centuries before World War 2, losing half of its male population during the 30-year war in 1600's