Little Timmy a son of a very

Little Timmy, a son of a very wealthy yet miser business man named Richard. For Richard even a single penny meant a lot.

One day Richard sent his son to buy some milk from the mart, giving him exactly 2 bucks and 30 cents (That was the exact price of the milk).

Little Timmy bought the milk and was on his way back to his house. Suddenly on his way he dropped the milk carton, in shock he tried tidying the mess he created but he was not successful.

Somehow he managed, his bad luck was that Richard’s friend who was also a miser business man saw what Timmy did. He was very disappointed and grabbed Timmy by his ear and took him to his father, Richard.

Richard’s friend said “Do you know how much disappointment did your son create today, he dropped the a 2 bucks 30 cents milk carton on the road, such a shame”

Richard in shock grounded little Timmy and confiscated his less pocket money of 1 dollar. When Richard’s friend took off, little Timmy told his dad about the profit he made, when Richard enquired about it.

Little Timmy replied that he saw a 10 dollar bill on the road, so in order to pick it up and no one would notice him doing that, he dropped the milk carton.

Then the Dad said that you made his day and now give him the 10 bucks. Little Timmy replied “No you keep the 1 dollar from pocket money and finders keepers” and went to his room.