Crimes That Will Make Your Skin Crawl: 17 Gruesome Facts


1Griselda Blanco

Griselda Blanco

Griselda "Godmother" Blanco was suspected of over 200 murders, made $80 million a month in drug money, allegedly kidnapped and killed a child when she was only 11 years old, and only ever served 15 years in prison before being killed by a drive-by at the age of 69.

2Woo Bum-Kon

Woo Bum-Kon

A South Korean man named Woo Bum-kon went a massive killing spree in 1982. He went village to village shooting and bombing people. In total he killed 56 and injured 35 people. He did this after he was filled with rage because he was awoken by his live-in girlfriend swatting a fly on his chest.

3Jack Unterweger

Jack Unterweger

A serial killer named Jack Unterweger after being convicted of murder in 1974 was released in 1990 as an example of rehabilitation. He became a journalist and a minor celebrity, but within months started killing again, eventually murdering possibly over 12 people.

4Susan Smith

Susan Smith

Susan Smith was given a life sentence for drowning her two young children in their car and subsequently reporting them kidnapped by a black man. She was later directly been involved in two incidents at the prison that resulted in two prison guards being punished for having sex with her.

5Katherine Knight

Katherine Knight

A woman named Katherine Knight, murdered her lover, skinned him, decapitated him, cooked chunks of his flesh in a stew and attempted to feed it to his two children.

6Ilse Koch

Ilse Koch

Ilse Koch, a female commandant at Buchenwald concentration camp was, apparently, obsessed with collecting human skin and shrunken heads. She was accused of taking pieces of skin as souvenirs off murdered inmates who had distinctive tattoos. She also killed prisoners if they just looked at her. The Nazis named her “The B*tch of Buchenwald.”

7Charles Cullen

Charles Cullen

A nurse named Charles Cullen is the most prolific serial killer in the state of New Jersey, charged with up to 400 undocumented murders. His weapon of choice was Digoxin, a heart medication.

8Mohammed Bijeh

Mohammed Bijeh

Mohammed Bijeh a.k.a The Desert Vampire was an Iranian serial killer who killed 16 boys. He was executed in 2005. He tricked boys into coming with him to a desert by telling them that they were going hunting. Once he killed them, he buried their bodies in shallow, sandy graves. At his execution, he was first flogged 100 times. The brother of one victim tried to stab him, but the boy was quickly pushed away by the soldiers.

9Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton

In the mid-1800s, a woman named Mary Ann Cotton murdered 21 people by arsenic poisoning. Her victims including 4 of her husbands and her 11 children. She did it to collect their insurance money. She was arrested and later hung for her crimes.

10Ahmad Suradji

Ahmad Suradji

An Indonesian serial killer named Ahmad Suradji killed 42 women and buried them with the heads facing his house believing that it would give him mystic powers as a sorcerer.