An Attorney Representing The Railroad In A Court Case

There was this big city, high profile, big-ego attorney who was representing the railroad in a court case filed by an old rancher.

The rancher’s prize bull was missing and the old rancher claimed the noise of the train made him run off.

The bull that is.

The old rancher was suing for what he felt the bull was worth.

When they all got to the courthouse the railroad attorney tried to strike up a deal with the old rancher before they went in.

He was pretty slick so the old rancher agreed to settle for half of what he was seeking.

After the release was signed the big time lawyer laughed and told the old rancher,

“Well, I sure put one over on you! I never could’ve won this case! The engineer was asleep and the fireman was in the caboose when the train went through. I didn’t have a single witness to put on the stand! I was bluffing you!”

The old rancher yawned and said,

“Well I’ll tell you, Slick. I was worrying about losing the case myself. That old bull came home this morning.”